Photo of Ph.D faculty members


The faculty members listed below represent the first tier of faculty who have requested an appointment in the doctoral public health field of study. All have funded research programs with research objectives that merit doctoral investigations and a strong record of publications in peer-reviewed journals. Over half of the faculty members have successfully mentored doctoral students to degree completion. All have a strong record of mentoring of graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows, and are doctorally trained tenure track faculty members who have committed to join the doctoral field of study and who will advise and mentor doctoral students.

Name Rank Email Appointment Areas of Interest
Aseltine, Robert Professor Behavioral Science and Community Health Mental health; risk prevention; evaluation research
Babor, Thomas Professor and Chair Community Medicine and Health Care Screening, diagnosis, early intervention, and treatment evaluation of alcohol and drug problems, and related cultural factors
Britner, Preston  Professor Human Development and Family Studies Child abuse prevention, family-focused programs
Burleson, Joseph Associate Professor Community Medicine and Health Care Alcohol and other substance abuse prevention and treatment; research design and analysis of observational, experimental and clinical trials
Cavallari, Jennifer Assistant Professor Community Medicine and Health Care Occupational and environmental epidemiology and exposure
Chapman, Audrey Professor Community Medicine and Health Care Health and human rights; ethics
Cherniack, Martin G. Professor Medicine Occupational health, ergonomics, environmental epidemiology
Copenhaver, Michael Associate Professor Allied Health Sciences Refining and evaluating behavioral HIV risk reduction interventions that target high risk drug users in community-based treatment settings
Duffy, Valerie Professor Allied Health Sciences Taste and food selection; community-based nutrition interventions
Durante, Amanda Assistant Professor Community Medicine and Health Care Infectious disease surveillance and control; disaster preparedness and response; health needs assessment and health improvement planning; public health workforce development
Erickson, Pamela Professor Anthropology Influence of cultural, social, economic, and political factors on health and disease in human populations; ethomedicine; reproduction and MCH
Faghri, Pouran  Professor Allied Health Sciences Worksite and community health promotion programs; health related behavior, intervention strategies, evaluation of social determinants of health; self-care, self awareness and decision making strategies
Fortinsky, Richard Professor of Medicine Center on Aging Cost and quality of services for older adults; health of family caregivers; Medicare and Medicaid policy research; health outcomes research in geriatrics and gerontology
Grady, James Professor Community Medicine and Health Care Application of statistical model building for correlated data; analysis of correlated and longitudinal data; application of general estimating equations; applications of met-analysis to individual patient data
Gregorio, David Professor Community Medicine and Health Care Chronic Disease surveillance; health disparities
Harkness, Sara Professor Human Development and Family Studies Cultural structuring of human development and health
Henning, Robert Associate Professor Psychology Psychophysiology in ergonomics; macroergonomics; cybernetics; occupational safety and health
Hesselbrock, Victor Professor Psychiatry Addiction and alcoholism
Lazzarini, Zita Associate Professor Community Medicine and Health Care Health law and ethics; research ethics; law and policy; stem cells; medical humanities
Pescatello, Linda Professor Kinesiology Health promotion, exercise and hypertension, physical activity
Rodriguez, Nancy Professor  Nutritional Sciences Exercise and protein metabolism
Schensul, Stephen Professor Community Medicine and Health Care AIDS risk in Mauritius and Sri Lanka; applied health research, community development and sexual risk
Silbart, Lawrence Professor and Department Head Allied Health Sciences Environmental health
Singer, Merrill Professor Anthropology Medical anthropology, health disparities, substance abuse, AIDS, violence, health and global warming, ethical issues in research
Snyder, Leslie Professor Communication Sciences Communication, media effects, communication campaigns, and social marketing
Stevens, Richard Professor Community Medicine and Health Care Cancer epidemiology and the possible role of iron overload; "circadian disruption" and its potential role in breast cancer
Swede, Helen Associate Professor Community Medicine and Health Care Cancer, molecular epidemiology, genetics
Tennen, Howard Professor Community Medicine and Health Care Stress, coping and adaptation; day-to-day adaptation to chronic illness and daily patterns and correlates of alcohol use
Thrall, Roger Professor Immunology Immunological regulation of asthma, sickle cell
Ungemack, Jane Assistant Professor Community Medicine and Health Care Substance abuse treatment and prevention